Brand New Bespoke Blend - Cappuccino Cuddles

As we near closer to the big C in December, I have been working hard to bring you new products and blends that are completely different to what has been seen before. It's been taking some time but I am so excited to show off the brand new blend bespoke to No Needles Needed Chunky Knits and that is Cappuccino Cuddles! I wanted to design a blend that hadn't been seen before but used the popular neutral colours that lots of people love. 
Cappuccino Cuddles No Needles Needed Chunky Knits blendNo Needles Needed Chunky Knits Cappuccino Cuddles BlendNew Chunky Knit blend by no needles needed chunky knits
With this blend, I wanted to get the depth of the tones really standing out so I went for a light, medium and dark colour which I think contrast beautifully together and the way that this blend is made also means that there will never be a blanket the same as the colours are all mixed up. 
This amazing blend has stolen so many hearts already and after giving people the chance to name it on my Instagram and Facebook posts, a very lucky Hayley came up with the name. As soon as I saw the name I just knew it was perfect for the colour tones and snuggle season coming up.
There will be plenty more bespoke blends coming to No Needles Needed Chunky Knits so you can get your chunky knit products in some more fun and beautiful unique blends. Thank you all for all your support and I hope you love the Cappuccino Cuddles blend as much as I do. 
Kristan x

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