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Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all having a good start to the week. I have decided to start up a blog and my very first one is going out to the amazing company Furniture Choice.
A little while ago I started speaking about collaborating with Furniture Choice about using one of my chunky knit merino wool blankets in a photo shoot and it couldn't of turned out better. The communication with them has been incredible and the outcome was so overwhelming. They have featured a large merino wool blanket in the neutral colour of Oyster. The theme that they used it for is one of my favourites as I personally find the coastal vibes very relaxing and calming.
Introducing New Coastal - "Soak up this breezy new take on coastal decor that’s brimming with subtle details, natural textures and updated colour pairings." 
"Coastal decor has come a long way from seashell frames and lamps. Instead, a modern coastal aesthetic is often more subtle and stylised, and can work no matter how far you may be from the closest sunny shore. Here are some of our favourite ways to invite coastal style (and all the summer vibes that come with it!) into the home, especially the bedroom, living room and dining room." - Furniture Choice
If you want to read the How To guide by Furniture Choice, click here: 
If you want to read the Trends by Furniture Choice, click here:
If you want to shop your very own chunky knit large Oyster blanket, click here:
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