Chunky Knit Care

Merino Wool

Merino wool is a natural wool that comes from merino sheep. The thick chunky wool is un-spun meaning it is made up of small strands which gives it it's softness and cloud like texture. Each merino wool product is lightly felted to strengthen the fibres, thicken the wool and make it more durable. The merino wool products are delicate and should be treated with love and care.

The more your items is used, it may start to bobble/shed some wool. This is not a fault but simply like when you wear a wool jumper over and over and it starts to bobble. Just remove the bobbled wool strands from your products by gently pulling them off or cutting them to keep your item look fresh and new. The good news is that it will eventually stop bobbling/shedding due to friction from surfaces. You can use the petting technique to cause friction on the blanket and help reduce future shedding too. The more you treat your merino wool item with care, the longer it will last. Please note these chunky knit blankets are for gentle use and decoration purposes only and bobbling will occur over time. This is unavoidable and not a fault but something that happens with every merino wool product.

The merino wool has amazing natural qualities such as being super soft, hypoallergenic, regulates body temperate, naturally stain and odour resistant plus did I mention that it comes in over 100 colours?

When it comes to cleaning your merino blanket, please just use a damp cloth to clean your blanket. If this doesn't work then I recommend dry clean only. If you need to wash your blanket at all, please use a light spray of cold water on your item and leave it somewhere to air and dry naturally. If you use hot water or heat to dry your merino product, it will shrink the merino fibres making them harder and less fluffy. 

 When your chunky knit item is delivered to you, unpack it gently, give it a shake out and it will be ready to use. After being sealed in packaging for a little bit, it will need a little shake out. Doing this often will keep your item looking fresh and clean from household fibres.

 Round cushions are filled with a polyester staple fibre (black or white) and cannot be washed. You will be able to remove marks with a cloth and cold water. There is a chance that the fibre filling can come out of the pillow due to the chunky knit design but give it a shake around and don’t hesitate to pop it back in!


Chenille is a super soft, teddy bear like yarn whose name originates from the French word caterpillar. This beautiful yarn makes blankets that are perfect for all year round as they are lighter yet still super snuggly when the weather gets cold. However if you're sitting out on a summers evening, these are just perfect.

Available in a selection of beautiful colours, you can choose the Chenille colour that's perfect for you and your home.

Did you know that the Chenille can also be washed?! It's fantastic. Just wash you Chenille blanket on a cool, low, short spin wash and air out to dry somewhere warm/airy and your blanket will be fresh and new.