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Support the maker, buy them a coffee

Support the maker, buy them a coffee

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Hello, thank you so much for coming onto the WatersHaus website. As you may know times have been really difficult recently and all small businesses have been hit hard with the increases of postage, packaging, stock, bills - so much so that a lot are closing down and right now I’m nearing the same. 

It’s super hard to continue the business when sales are very quiet yet non of our prices have increased whilst everything else has. I was talking to other small businesses and they mentioned this ‘support the maker, buy them a coffee’ which a lot of people are doing now. 

This means you can support the maker, the owner of WatersHaus, by spending £3 (there’s no postage charges) to simply donate to them being able to buy a coffee on a bad day. It’s not something I would usually look at but I love the idea of being able to support others this way so I thought I’d set this up for a little bit. I thought it may be a lovely want to support if you’d like to without having to purchase something and pay for postage.

Thank you all so much for every purchase, social media interaction and for supporting my small business. I’m really hoping to ride things out till Autumn and am hoping for the best. Kristan xx 

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